Win or lose, will you feel any different today? Aston Villa at Burnley

I've found the perfect song for our manager and I don't know why I haven't thought of this before. It's below and now that I've just watched it again, there is every chance we've played this for the manager before, but I'll leave it at that.

Because today, we've got Burnley. Now for those that have lived under a stone for a few months, Burnley got promoted into the Premier League this season. Darren Bent and Shay Given earns more each week than the entire starting eleven and they're second from bottom in the League.

But they're not bottom of the table with goals scored. They're not bottom of the table of chances created. They're not bottom of the table of shots. They can also go above us if they beat us today. But it's Burnley, we should win.

In days gone by you'd think that was a given, but when you look at the side that will likely start today, we're not that side anymore. And the worst thing about this is, we've got players that could go out and beat Burnley, but this manager doesn't want to play them or the style of football that would win.

He as good as admitted today that Bent is out on loan because Bent isn't suited to the way he wants Aston Villa to play football. His style of football has had us on the brink of the relegation zone for three seasons. How much more clarity do we need?

But we'll win today, because it is Burnley and they've had a good run and they're not going to win three in a row. That sort of luck is a little too much to believe, even if they think they're creating momentum. But that means they probably will.

And it's a lost cause even if we do win. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a player walk off the pitch one day like Roy Keane has walked out of the club this week. And it would probably be Charles N'Zogbia. I can see him just giving up on a run, turning round and walking off down the tunnel, ultimately having enough of chasing rabbits.

Updates and all that

But, that is where we will leave the depressing look at Burnley. Win or lose, will we actually feel any different? Updates coming and I know things will probably change in an hour or two. That's when blind optimism comes into play.

A song for Paul Lambert

A winning number

Right, I got to this later than I wanted to, but it has been a busy week, but here it is. The total attendance of all Premier League matches last weekend was 345,485 and nobody got it spot on but four of you did get quite close. One of you got closer than everyone though and that is mooseman - you know what to do and I'd like it soon please.