Write it any way you want, tonight is a massive game

I wrote the other day that I don't know what to write any more that hasn't been written loads of times before. As Aston Villa fans, we're just going round in circles and it's the past few seasons of under performing throughout the club that has created this.

But tonight is massive and the bottom line is we have to win. Anything but three points is going to be horrible. It's not going to be a disaster as it's not going to relegate us, but it will be an indicator. It will be one of those data points that CEO Tom Fox will look at that we don't see. But hopefully Tom Fox now knows that there are no false narratives when it comes to supporters of Aston Villa.

So, we need goals. We need passion. We need a desire to win and if you want me to get into the basics, we need to get the ball out wide and we need to get the ball into the box before they have a chance to have 10 players back.

We need to see something that we haven't seen for a while and I know that this is very basic, but there are times when we need to basic. Tonight is one of those nights. I'm back later, but for now I have honest to God ended in a pub because it's the only place with Wifi for me. What am I to do?