A big loss on big turnover, Blackburn at the weekend and the magic numbers

I'm not going to even try and kid you that we will win this game because of the one in four theory I came up with a few weeks ago. Truth is, I came up with that just to emphasise how crap our manager is at managing - I didn't actually think it would become something.

But it is. You see, we have played 26 games so far this season, after he had a full pre-season and time to bring in his own players and we are winning one game (as it stands right now) every 4.3 games. If we don't win at the weekend that will be every 4.5 games and then we have Fulham, Bolton, Arsenal and Chelsea coming up before Liverpool, Stoke and Manchester United.

3.9 is the magic number

So, I'm not going to try and pull the wool over your eyes. We are, with this manager at the helm, in trouble and I don't mean relegation trouble and I wish people would strop talking about it and using that word. Using the word only gives it credence and it isn't going to happen.

For the record, if we beat Blackburn at the weekend, his win record will be at every 3.9 games - just about enough to keep Lerner and Faulkner and the money coming in, but more about money in a minute, first a prediction.

I think we will lose. I don't want us to lose and part of me thinks we might steal a point or all three, but we are away and we were awful against Wigan last time out and I truly don't think this manager knows how to send out a team wanting to win, so I think he will do what he always does and play not to lose.

I'm backing this prediction up with something and it is a nothing thing, but knowing our luck at the moment, it will work out like this. The last time Blackburn fans protested they went out and scored four goals. They're planning protests for this match and I think the effect will be the same and someone will write about that after the match.

Money talks and PR is PR

There were some accounts released this week and apparently Aston Villa lost a lot of money and well, I guess there should be a comment and this is where I have to do what I've done the last couple of years and get out of the way first; I'm not an accountant.

And with that out of the way, I have to tell you that there will be nothing from me on this for a few days as the person that is reading the numbers for me has decided to take a few days off and he is somewhere in Devon or Cornwall and I am one of the last people he wants to hear from right now.

I will say this, because we've had a chat about it; it is, according to the press release, the group that has lost all this money - so there will be some digging as to what exactly is the 'group'.

There was also flippant comment made by someone last night in my little private circle suggesting it is easy for a business to lose money and for an owner to put money in - it doesn't mean he isn't taking money out.

My point in mentioning that is to stress that we won't just be reading what the club want us to read - we'll also be looking at, as best we can, where the money went and how things have changed - you see, a loss of just over £50mn on turnover just under £100mn is a big difference and money might have been put in and bank borrowings might have gone down - but there is usually more to it than just the PR.

On that - I'm off for elevenses.

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