A charity football match, Prince William and does Joe Bennett have any doubters?

I'll start with getting this out of the way; I'm glad the internationals are over. England beat a pub team and drew with a fairly decent team and now we can finally move on. I'm sorry, I love football and I'm English, but Aston Villa is my team.

But now, I'm moving on. We have football this weekend and it really shouldn't be a tough match, but it is going to be and I know Swansea have surprised everyone since they were promoted and I suppose it just goes to confirm the importance of playing the game the right way, but we should win, if only to continue the good feeling we all have since the Newcastle performance.

He loves his Aston Villa

So now to some things I've read the last few hours and first to Prince William, have you seen this clip? He talks about meeting Aston Villa fans in Singapore. You just have to love it don't you?

And you can't put that down to PR either although it is great PR for Aston Villa in Singapore.

To those that doubt Joe Bennett

Does anyone actually doubt Joe Allen? I ask, because on NewsNow I saw a headline from one of the local papers titled 'Aston Villa left-back Joe Bennett determined to prove the doubters wrong' and I wondered who was doubting him. I clicked the link, I know, I was baited and it appears it is the paper spreading the doubt because all the player was talking about was his determination.

I didn't read the second page, so maybe the player himself is talking about his awareness of all the doubters, but for the record, I think I can speak for most Aston Villa supporters when I write this; we don't doubt you Joe, we're keen for you to play and show us what you are capable of and many of us have optimism in what is to come.

Charity football match

Last thing today and there is a charity football match coming up on Sunday, October 14th in Kings Heath and it's going to feature a Birmingham St Mary's Hospice team, taking on players from the 1982 European Cup winning squad.

It's the third year they've run run the event and last year it raised £10,000 for the Hospice. They're aiming to make this year bigger and there is a poster of the event here for your downloading pleasure. It's a good cause and you know I like a good cause.