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A first match win for Gerard Houllier: Aston Villa 3 Blackburn Rovers 1

Other results do not matter, only this one and I have to hold my hands up as I didn't see the match or listen to it, I will be watching it very soon, but I couldn't keep myself from keeping up to date.

I mention that other results don't matter (although Chelsea are out and it looks like Manchester City will be too) because we still have a few games left and this is just a news post to tell you that we won.

Gerard Houllier won his first match and it was needed. That is all the positives we need to think about. It is the first step and while not a crucial one, an important one.

We actually went one-nil down but a goal from Emile Heskey and two from Ashley Young put the game out of reach for Blackburn and it sends them home with a feeling of deja vu.

Overall a good win, but like I said, I've not seen it so can't really comment. I will do tomorrow. Until then, I go to sleep blissfully happy and for the record, tomorrow is Emile Heskey facts day.