A look at Sheffield Wednesday, Deluded Brendan in for Sinclair and Newcastle lose in opening fixture

The easy thing to start with today would be Newcastle getting beat and sitting bottom of the table, but I don't do easy and it would basically be trolling. It's also possible that we get beaten tomorrow. No, I'm not going to spend too much time and neither am I going to embed some of the Tweets from Newcastle fans yesterday calling for all sorts.

But listen, if you want to enjoy it, you should and it's not as if you need my permission. But it would also have reminded a few that the Championship isn't going to be easy. But Newcastle fans should be used to it by now shouldn't they?

Player news

So, that done and with all of us probably a little more aware of how important Sunday is, it's worth pointing out that Deluded Brendan has made a bid for Scott Sinclair and it looks like he will be unveiled as a Celtic player sometime today. I say deluded because I'd win the title in Scotland and just because I have a transfer budget it doesn't mean I'd act like a kid in a sweet shop.

And Rodgers will fail in Scotland only because real success for them would be a European title and we all know Deluded Brendan doesn't have the ability for that. It's sad, because Celtic are one of the great British clubs. And this move will suit Sinclair, but it is further proof as to why Deluded Brendan will fail; he's picking players that have given up and have no desire left - despite what they say and how they act in front of the cameras.

In other news, Fiorentina have shown interest in Carlos Sanchez and Joleon Lescott has been told he can leave if he finds another club. Big news this as one I'm convinced is going to get better, even if I don't think it will happen in the Championship and the other, I'm convinced will be able to do a job for us next season.

Gabby and Richards are yet to find new clubs, so we're stuck with them for the near future. We just have to hope that they're not in the same barrel as all the other players because they are rotten and they will get into the heads of all the others.

Lastly in the player news section, Tommy Tommy Elphick is our new captain. There really was no other option unless you were going to take my Jack Grealish suggestion seriously.

A look at Sheffield Wednesday

Hands up and call me a Newcastle fan if you want, but we have to believe that we're going to do well this season. Sure, we were relegated last season but that was down to bad decisions, not the players and you have to believe we've got Premier League level players. Sure, we're bringing in Championship players, so there is reason for concern, but you would hope we have enough to get out of this.

Hope is the word. But I go into tomorrow believing we will win because a good start is going to be so important. But I know little about Sheffield Wednesday and little about how Di Matteo is going to send them out and in what frame of mind they are going to be in.

I'm reading the right things, but we all know it's easy to say the right things. Actions and all that. We'll know tomorrow. Lets just hope that if it doesn't go the way we would like, we don't act like Newcastle fans. Sorry.

Video of the day

This was a proper game when football felt more real than it does today. If we get half of this tomorrow I'll be happy. And look at some of the players we had then. If we never have as good again, I'll be happy that I watched these players and enjoyed the moments.