A look to Newcastle, Manchester City and today

On Sunday we play Newcastle at St James' Park and chances are we wont leave with three points. We could and if we did, we'd have that huge amount of optimism until we lost Swansea or Southampton, but we'd be lucky to get a point.

It's sad that this is it for us now, but that is just how things are now. Maybe they will get better under Lambert, maybe they wont. Again, this is where we are as a club now.

And you know that will change tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow I'll believe we can win and my prediction will be very optimistic, but for now and in what I think is the real world, it is going to be tough for us.

League Cup

I think this is a joke of a tournament and it isn't needed, but it is our only hope of silverware and because it is and for me silverware is the marker of success, we have to go for it and we have to now hope that Manchester City don't, because we have them in the next round.

We could win ... do you see where this is going? We need the other side to play a weakened side to think we have any hope. I'll leave it with that.

Transfer window

And I'll leave it because we have the transfer window closing today and there is going to be so much rubbish flying around that we could go mad if we spent the day just watching it all unfold, which we are all going to do.

I fancy we are going to make a signing or two and I know that nearly contradicts my post from the other day, but this is the day - on Sunday I'll believe we can beat Newcastle and today I think we are going to bring in that one player that will make a difference.

Or we could just end up with nothing. All I know is, it's going to be interesting and nearly 1,000 comments on the previous post confirm that.