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A question on formation, some t-shirt winners and the Aston Villa soccer schools programme

You know things are getting desperate when you visit the club site to look for something interesting and it gets even worse when the best bit of news you get is about the April soccer schools programme.

It's not that that isn't interesting, if I could send my 4 year old son I probably would, but he's too young and I can't, but what you get over these four days, from professional coaches, is probably very valuable and I know it's only four days, but if you can, why not?

There are more details on the club site here about the soccer schools programme, including dates. The Villa Park one is now sold out though, so hurry, as the others will probably get sold out pretty soon too.

You should also consider yourselves lucky I didn't try and pull off an April fool's day prank. I had one lined up, but after reading it a few times I figured I'd get more stick for it than anything else, so I left well alone and instead found this video which made me chuckle, not laugh out loud or anything, just chuckle.


Anyway, to some house work and the three t-shirt winners. If your user name is one of the three mentioned in a minute, please email me with the t-shirt you'd like from SoccerPrint, the size and your address; Villa_Chris, 1874AVFC and villapep. Funnily enough, you were all right and you can thank Goldie for that. Next time, I won't make it so easy. My email address is damian at

More housekeeping; if you are registered and logged in, you'll not see any ads on this site apart from the 'donate to acorns' one above. If you are not registered or not logged in there will be an ad in the content of each article. This is basically to pay for the hosting of this site and while I apologise for the inconvenience, if you don't want to see it, all you have to do is register and log in.

Lastly for now, I really hope we have something interesting to talk about later, I'm running a new poll. It's quite a simple one and it's based on formation for the Manchester United game this Sunday; what formation do you want to see Martin O'Neill use. Again, I'm fairly sure I know the answer to this one, but it will be interesting to see the results.