A Swedish attacker, a no to Bramble and a 'hit list'

I've probably missed something but I'm also getting a little excited. Am I allowed to do that or am I going to disappoint some of you? Let me explain why.

First, the rumour about Bramble bush Titus seems to have been dismissed. Not by the club directly to us but someone at the Express & Star called them up and they've published something dismissing it. What they've actually published is that he isn't on the 'hit list'. That is the part that got me excited and I'll explain why.

You see, a little bird told me yesterday that Martin O'Neill is going away for a few days. He isn't sure if it is another holiday or work related but at the same time he did say that he left a list of players to a certain key member of the board with instructions along the lines of 'these are the ones I want'.

It sort of fits too because there is strong speculation that O'Neill has met with a few players and it may just be a case of he has done his work, confirmed who he wants and now it goes to someone else to take care of the paperwork. Hearing what I heard yesterday and the phrase 'hit list' just fits. If we find out soon that O'Neill is having another short break or is going overseas, then I'll be extremely happy, because then it would all fit together.

If this is all true though, which would be a miracle, it is likely that we won't see any players paraded for a few days, simply because O'Neill is going away, again, if that part is true also and I know I'm getting carried away, but please allow me this much.

But, before I go, to the Swedish goalscoring sensation that goes by the name of Marcus Berg. He is 22 years old and currently plays for FC Groningen and in the recent U21 tournament in Sweden scored 25 goals in 5 matches. Okay, I'm not sure how many he scored or played in but he won the Golden Boot award I think and I can't be arsed to check.

The rumour anyway is, that he has been offered to a few clubs and one of those is us. If he has been offered though it might be nothing, only if you believe the above, which is that Martin O'Neill has already identified his players and provided the board with a list.

I am going to believe though and from this day forward I am going to go with that theory because the theory that it is all done and now up to the board gives me a little confidence that we will be stronger next season. Also, if it is all true I don't mind the manager going off again for another holiday although a part of me would really like to hope it's to talk to some Spanish wonder kid that wants to play in claret and blue and at Villa Park nest season.