Alan Davies on Celtic and Villa, man of the match and Burnley post-mortem

Morning all and before we tuck into very little football for breakfast, I have to mention this Alan Davies thing where {rokbox title=|Alan Davies :: A twit| size=|737 453| text=|he wrote something on Twitter|}{/rokbox} referencing Celtic and Villa as little clubs. It is getting a mention because what struck me as surprising was it was our local media that picked up on this and our local media that continues to run wit it. Nobody else.

It was picked up by the Sunday Mercury. Why would our local newspaper want to start promoting this? I just don't understand, although after reading about it I did send a Tweet back to Mr Davies.

If you didn't know, he is an Arsenal fan and while he is referencing Celtic and Villa as little clubs, it is merely a delayed reaction to the realisation that his very own club, has turned into one of the 'little' clubs in their own City. As supporters of Aston Villa and for the odd Celtic fan that might be reading this, we wouldn't know what it is like to be the second club in our own City.

It must be hard for Mr Davies to accept and if Spurs continue their development under Twitcher, you never know, Arsenal could well become the third club in their City. That would be like supporting West Brom or Partick Thistle for people from Birmingham or Glasgow.

I like Alan Davies, he's a funny man, so this mention isn't for all of us to start having a pop at him, it was merely to show you that it isn't just the odd website, forum or blog that starts writing negative things about our club. Our very own local papers like to promote other negative things written about our club, even if said in jest.

Moving swiftly, from a comedian with questionable fashion sense, to James Milner. He won the award for man of the match against Burnley at the weekend. This could have gone to anyone as we were mostly awful, so well done James and let's try and forget about the football.

Actually, we can't. Yesterday saw an increased number of people offering up concerns over the quality of football getting served up to us as of late and there is also an increased annoyance of those that continue to defend the manager.

I'd just like to remind you that we are all entitled to an opinion. Some think he can do no wrong, some are convinced we're just replicating Leicester and some think it will get better with better players. I fall in the middle of tow of those so I can still be swayed but mostly because I want him to be successful.

We made 294 passes on Saturday and in that number I am including the failed ones. The four clubs above us were different; Chelsea (568), Manchester United (639), Arsenal (497) and Spurs (364). Now, Spurs are the closest to us but you'd have to be a very brave man to put money on them finishing fourth. I for one still think Liverpool will do it and they made 427 passes.

But, number of passes are just an indicator, however they are one that I like to look at so you get fed it too. If you've got others you'd like us to look at, request it below and I will. But for today, I'm hoping we get a little something from somewhere else because I fear it is going to be a quiet week otherwise.