Dark day for Aston Villa: Alex McLesih is the new manager

Make no mistake, this is a dark day for Aston Villa because the news is confirmed that Alex McLesih is the new manager. It is a dark day when the ambition shown by the owner is a twice relegated manager known for playing dire, unattractive, unimaginative football.

But, we wanted a crap manager. We wanted someone to not inspire us. We wanted someone to take us nowhere and we wanted someone that was going to be leaving fairly soon. We wanted all these things, because that is what we got.

Just words

Paul Faulkner
Unquestionably, Alex meets the criteria we set out at the beginning of our search which was based on proven Premier League experience, leadership, a hard-working ethic and, most importantly, a shared vision for Aston Villa.

That says it all really, but our new manager did have something to say also.

Alex McLesih
Doobadie doo doo doo. Doobadie doo doo doo. Doobadie doo doo doo. Doobadie doo doo doo.


But, he is the manager and some are going to start churning out the 'support the manager' line soon and that is fine, churn it out, but I don't support transient figures. However, he does deserve a chance and you know what, he is going to get it.

But, this is a dark day. Alex Ferguson might say he is a decent manager but what do you expect him to say about a fellow countryman and friend? The facts are, his football with The Clowns was poor and he is a twice relegated Premier League manager. If that was the criteria, we got our man.

Fulham away

In other news, we have Fulham away for the first game of the season. But that is where I leave it today, because I fear many dark days to come and this isn't going to end well. What a sad day that this is what it has come to.