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All about England and the USA today

Most of the visitors to this site are from England but a fair chunk come from the USA also - in fact, we have had visitors from every US State in the last month, so today is going to be about friendship.

I call it friendship because England and the USA are both playing in fairly important matches today and both need a win. Okay - both don't need a win - one could lose and the other could draw and if we both lost we would both be out, but lets hope that both win.

I don't know what you will be doing for the day, but I have found a bar that will let me hook into their internet and power and I will be live blogging about the do-or-die match from here and you are more than welcome to join in if you like - it might be fun.

But, it wouldn't be a blog post here if I didn't mention something Aston Villa, so here is some; rumoured target Martin Petrov has agreed terms with Bolton. Talk is they offered a bigger package on one site I have read, on another, we were not actually interested.

In other news, there is talk that Emile Heskey will be dropped today in favour of goals. You can't say this is a wrong decision - Heskey has hardly demonstrated he can score and that story about him helping Rooney is also tosh - Rooney hasn't scored in ages either.

But none of that matters now. All that matters is England win and I'd like to see the USA win too. So, come on England.