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Does an Aston Villa player like his marching powder a little too much, song of the day and a promotion

A Premier League player is going to be named and shamed tonight as someone 'on cocaine' and there will be an open mouth for a moment or two, but really, are we surprised?

I actually feel sorry for whoever it is they name, because there are loads of them on it and it does feel a little like victimisation. I can't believe I'm defending the player, but it isn't just him.

The problem is, the game is broken and with the type of money they have these days they can do anything - even if caught they can have it brushed under the carpet and saved for later.

Right, that was obviously a wild statement and for me to suggest that the money in the game allows certain privileges that only money can buy or that the League or Football Association are involved in any cover up, is just me wildly speculating and there is no foundation for me to think that is the case.

Time for wild speculation

I'm just surprised there are not more going to be named tonight. I mean, I'm only speculating now, but wasn't there talk that Rio Ferdinand loved the marching powder and that John Terry has a constant supply?

This also isn't really news - we've all heard the stories. The news is that someone is going to get get named but unless they're not telling us everything about the programme tonight - is it worth watching?

There is another part of the programme that claims 240 drugs tests had to be abandoned between April 2007 and August 2010 after officials turned up at training grounds to discover the players were not there. They know it is coming, so if they've had a big weekend or night before - they just don't bother turning up.

Does this mean there will be 240 players facing an 8 month ban?

So, even if it is Allan Hutton, does it matter, really, does it matter? No it doesn't, because there are loads at it and actually, even if it is him, he probably doesn't care either. He just has to get his head down for a bit, come out and say he is sorry but the drug got a hold of him and he couldn't control it.

He'll then talk about rehabilitation and spend some time with a charity and in a few months time, it will all be forgotten and another player will be caught and maybe one day the Premier League will grow some and clamp down - but they wont.

The thing about this news - it isn't really news, much like we all know the game is broken, drugs, prostitution and gambling is all over football.

Some Aston Villa news

Not sure what to make of this, but Kevin MacDonald will now work alongside assistant manager Peter Grant and coach Gordon Cowans with the first team.

Is this a promotion? Is it that the manager recognises he has to get the best out of the youngsters coming through and that this man might have something valuable to offer?

Could be anything and while I will happily speculate on all things cocaine today - I won't on team affairs, I'll let others tell you they know what is going on.

I'm off for breakfast. Have a nice day.

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