An Aston Villa slow news day: Milly, Petrov and Mark Hughes

Quite a lot of discussion yesterday about our manager and while not everyone will agree, I think the general consensus is that he has to have next season to demonstrate he can move the club forward. However, a rumour started on Villa Talk that he handed in his notice.

Now, I'm only mentioning this because the same person that posted the rumour has now said that the club have paid for a flight for Mark Hughes to visit America. You don't start a rumour if is rubbish then start backing it up; either someone is having a bit of fun with him, it is true, or the poster is having a bit of fun with supporters of Aston Villa.

Now, I know nobody at the club that would know if this has happened, but I am fairly sure, that if this was true - it would have broken by now, either by the club - out of respect for the supporters and to stay on top of the story, or by the media - this type of thing doesn't stay secret for very long.

Basically, I fancy this is a nothing story and I sort of expect it to remain that way. I also think he is possibly a fan of The Circus looking at causing a little unrest - simply because not even Lerner would try an appoint Mark Hughes - there is no way even he could spin that one, but a small part of me wouldn't be surprised if he did leave.


Fabio Capello
Last year it was Walcott - he was very important for us in the World Cup qualifiers. This year the player who has most improved has been Milner. He played three or four games with us and forms part of the national team.

I think that is basically the nod to Milly to say he is on a plane to South Africa. But where is he going to play?

Stiliyan Petrov

He has been talking and the team want to put things right. You would expect nothing more from your captain, but actions speak louder than words. Bolton is a massive game now and one where we are the favourites. The result is important but some might be looking to the performance - so I think it fair to say that defeat wouldn't be taken well.

Right, there is nothing else today. I could tell you about the Easter tours available at Villa Park, but if you really want to know more about that, I would suggest you just click here to get more information. I'm off for a late breakfast.