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Another line in the sand: Alex McLeish

I think I have written in the past about players and how they are transient figures at the club. Yes, we all have favourites and some say the right things and we like them more, but they are, for the most part these days, just doing a job and doing it for the money.

And there is nothing wrong with that. If someone is going to offer you a ludicrous amount of money for the job you do, you would take it, just like I would, so they are not to blame and there is nothing wrong with it at this level. But where that could lead is for another post, I'm just using it as the basis for this one.

The basis is, just because Alex McLeish managed The Clowns and doesn't have a very good record (a win rate of 36.90% according to Wikipedia) and is just a transient figure, doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a chance and that he should get it.

But, just like Roy Hodgson got his chance at Liverpool last season, it isn't going to be a proper chance with us. He isn't going to get the season and maybe the next one to show us how he is developing the football or players, he has a very short window to get things right and if you want to play your part in that or not, is your decision, but we really do have to draw a line in it now.

I'm not saying you change your feelings or views, I'm just asking, for now and for as long as you can hold your tongue, to stay silent, because it doesn't do Aston Villa Football Club, the club that we all support, any favours by having a divided and vocal supporter base.

I'm also not saying that I'm only giving him until December to have us within touching distance of the top four, but because of how the board have acted in appointing this manager, he simply isn't going to get as long as another might.

How have the board acted

There is a feeling that the board have disregarded a large number of fans views in this appointment and actually, it is more than a feeling. There is also a view that they've lowered expectations. The extreme view is that this is the end of any real hope for Aston Villa that we can kick on and that the dream finally died yesterday. If you think yesterday was a dark day for Aston Villa, then you might even think this.

But while his record as a Premier League manager is very poor, you have to accept that there is a chance it could come good for Alex McLeish and for that reason, you have to, however horrible it might be for you, put aside your differences for as long as you can.

He is the manager of Aston Villa Football Club now and that role should demand some respect. Forget the person for now and think of the position. I know it might be hard, but we must, not for anyone, but for the Football Club.