Arsenal at Villa Park, injuries, the right and a new car

The right man for Saturday, Ashley Young

It is very easy to write that we missed Marc Albrighton last weekend because he has become a very important player and he does look quite special on the right, but we do have options and even though the squad is looking very thin at the moment, the upside is that more of the younger players should get another opportunity this weekend.

The slap me in the face, it's so obvious option is to play Ashley Young on the right, seeing as he is right footed and tell him to get the ball wide, beat his man and get in as many crosses as he can.

Tell him he can come inside if he wants, but that his job on Saturday is very much to run his socks off and get the ball into the box as many times as he can. It seems so obvious to me that it probably won't happen but Downing must play on the left and we do need someone on the right that is right footed, has bags of energy and the upside is I actually think his crossing is better from the right.

What Saturday comes

But that is for Saturday, today we have a round up of the news and speculation, in the form of a list.

  • Marc Albrighton had his appendix taken out and will be out for about three weeks
  • Ashley Young is not washing his car - instead he wants to concentrate on his football
  • The away shirt is now out - you can order it here
  • Gabby is eager to hit the goal trail - read more here and remember, if he scores more than 14 league goals this season I'm giving up the beer for a month
  • Damian is thinking about getting a Kia Sportage - any real world stories on this car, please post below and all contributions gratefully received
  • Cesc Fabregas is injured and will not play on Saturday for Arsenal. Good

Harry Potter

Right, that is it for me, I'm off to order some tickets for Harry Potter and read up on the Kia Sportage. Did you know it comes with a seven year warranty? That is the deal maker for me and no, I'm not getting paid to mention it, but it looks like a decent enough car and with nothing Aston Villa really going on, I need something to occupy myself and now I'm really rambling and need to stop, before it gets out of hand.

If anything happens today or the club surprise us with something, I'll update this post and if any of you have any rumours, please link to them below. I need a laugh.