Ashley Young stalls on new contract, Luke on the radio and Wayne Rooney

I apologise in advance for bringing up Wayne Rooney again, but he is the perfect example of all that is wrong in the game today and it's getting a mention later on. Before that, I have more pressing things to write.

Reports today are suggesting that our very own Ashley Young has 'called a dramatic halt to contract talks' because he wants a 'buy-out clause in his new contract'.

You all know I'm a fan of Ashley Young but things like this just wind me up. You see, this isn't all speculation and there is something behind this - it isn't just about concentrating on the football.

Ashley Young speaks

Ashley Young
I've told the people at Villa that I won't be signing a new contract at the moment. I know they want to get it done now but my current deal still has a year to run after this season and I feel there is plenty of time to talk next summer.

I want to stress that I have no problem with Aston Villa. I love the fans and I'm very much enjoying my football. I want to concentrate on what's happening on the field and don't want to get distracted. It's a big season for me and I'm hopeful there are good times ahead under the new manager.

I think it is nice that he has 'stressed' that he has no problem with the club and that he loves the fans, because at the end of the day, we have to take him on his word and he has done nothing to suggest that his word isn't his bond.

However, Ashley has to also understand that us supporters find it hard to trust players. Look at the Gareth Barry saga and him 'wanting to play for a team in the Champions League' and the Wayne Rooney one is perfect; Manchester United lacking ambition.

Do players think that if they say it we will believe it? Manchester United are the biggest club in the land and quite possibly the biggest on this planet - they don't lack ambition and Wayne Rooney is just a spoilt petulant child.

But he doesn't care what I write, he is so far removed from the average football supporter it is unreal but there is an irony to the Wayne Rooney saga; during the World Cup he had an outburst at the loyal fans. He doesn't even know what loyalty is.

I apologise again for bringing up Rooney, but he deserves a smack around the head and he needs to be brought down to earth. Much like the entire game.

A message to Ashley Young

Don't let us down Ashley. Sign the contract. You will be loved and you'll earn millions. The grass isn't always greener and you've got your England chance playing for Aston Villa.

Give it three more seasons after this one and if we haven't won silverware and clubs are still interested in you, because you have given it 100% for us, then go with our blessing.

But do you really need more than £85,000 a week? And if the club are not offering you that, plus the extras, then get yourself a new agent, because they will pay it.

Think about it; a five year contract and you are getting £20,000,000.00 plus and you'll still only be 30 years old. I'd fuck a duck for that money and you don't need to go anywhere for it.

Luke on the radio

Finally, before leaving this morning, Luke is on Absolute Radio tomorrow, so tune in if you get the chance. I was going to do it, but I sound like a twat on the radio and I will be hungover. He is going head to head with a Sunderland fan and I've seen the questions; he can not lose.