Aston Villa 1 Bolton 1: Nice send off for MacDonald but only a point

The first twenty minutes were great and the last ten were also very good, but in between that, it was average and ineffective.

That sums up the game for me and actually, the last ten were not that great either, I think it was mostly me hoping and the truth is, Bolton had more chances today and some fine goalkeeping and valiant defending, mostly from Luke Young, saved us today.

There are some positives though. Webcam scored from a free kick and while a couple of his corners did go straight to the keeper - he does look like he prefers that position in the middle.

Albrighton, when playing on the right, also looked lively. When he switched with Downing, it went horribly wrong for both players and I think we can confirm it doesn't work for Albrighton on the left or Downing on the right.

Kevin MacDonald also got a nice send off, Webcam ran to him after scoring, and while it wasn't the result most expected, it is clear as day that Gerard Houllier has some talent at the club to play with.

Man of the match vote to the right and more on this game tomorrow. I'm off for dinner and beer with the in-laws. I think I'm voting for Luke Young.