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Aston Villa 1 Hull 0: Back to fifth and European football for next season

It wasn´t the most convincing display you are going to see this season but all that matters is the result and I´d take performances like that every week if it meant we won every week.

We started brightly and clearly wanted the game more than Hull to begin with and went in 1-0 up at half time thanks to a John Carew goal. The second half was different.

Instead of trying to kill off the game we sat back and invited pressure and if it was any other team but Hull and say West Brom or The Clowns, we might have been punished, but it was Hull and it never happened.

But it was a much needed victory and we are back to fifth place and the pressure is now very much on Everton to win and also for us, but I think there is more on them, not that it really matters.

I also think, which is why I don´t think it really matters now, that we are now guaranteed to finish in the top six, so we have European football to look forward to next season.

More match opinion tomorrow and you can vote for your man of the match to the right in about four minutes. I´m voting for Petrov.