Aston Villa 1 Newcastle 0: Three points was needed and three points was what we got

I really am so very very happy right now. Three points was very important today and we got them. We got them and we controlled the game. The statistics will back that up, but we did, take my word for it.

James Collins won it for us, but the team did it. The team played some good football and we controlled the game. We won this game because we deserved to win this game.

We won and I'm happy and because I'm happy I'm going to do a big post-mortem tomorrow and I'm going to make it good, but until then, I want you to vote for your man of the match.

Man of the match vote

I'm happy

The post deserves more than this, but I'm afraid this is all you are going to get. I'm going to comment on the twelfth man and the scarf day tomorrow, but if you have any comments on it, leave them below; I'd be interested to know the views of those that went or watched on TV.

Anyway; 14th place and eight points from 6th. What a day. Time for a beer and I suggest you go get one too!