Aston Villa 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2: Not that big a difference

If anything, that game just went to demonstrate that Spurs are a better side than us. If anyone thought we were playing at the same level as Spurs then that match just goes to show that we're not and that they are better than us. It also shows us how important just one player can be.

We also learnt a few other things from the game and I'm hoping the manager will have picked up on a few of them and he acts on them, because if we see old man Pires wearing claret and blue again, I think I'll go mad.

Don't get me wrong and let me be upfront, I was all for Pires coming, but when you see him wanting to go toe to toe with the opposition manager on the touchline, during the match, it makes you start to think that maybe he is a little past it.

What made it worse for me was seeing Barry Bannan not getting any game time so the manager could give some to his first and only signing. I just don't want to see him again - he is too slow, too old and is simply not good enough for our team.

The Match

It was nice to see Fabian Delph start and not look lost. It was also nice to see Petrov play and for The Fonz to get a good run out (he replaced Heskey fairly early on) and actually, it was nice to see us try and pass the ball about.

But it is clear as day that we are lacking something and Spurs showed us what it is but like I said above, one player made the difference for them today and his name was Rafael van der Vaart. If it all comes down to just the names, then we are a lot closer that some think.

However, we played against 10 men for most of the game today and while it isn't easy playing against ten men and a harsh sending off, and it was harsh, usually galvanises a team, we really should have done better.

Man of the Match

Not going to spend all day on this as I want to see the game again, but for now, all I can ask is that you vote in the man of the match poll below.