Aston Villa 2 Arsenal 4: Hopefully Houllier figured out a few things today

Gerard Houllier has to learn and learn quickly. If he doesn't, I fear the natives will get restless and if they did, you couldn't blame them.

Today, he started with Pires and that was wrong. He started with Downing on the right and that was wrong. He also started with Webcam on the right and that was wrong.

At half time we were down two nil and that was horrible, because we didn't have a single shot on goal and it was all Arsenal.

In the second half though, things changed. Downing was on the left, Webcam was on the right and Pires was off, replaced by the Fonz.

We lost the game 4-2 and you can break that into two halves; we lost the first half and drew the second. If only we did things properly from the off and why I say Houllier has to learn.

I don't mean that to come across as condescending but I know it will, but you really don't need to be a rocket scientist to know where players play best.

Man of the Match

My vote goes to Ciaran Clark - two goals, what more can you ask?