Aston Villa 2 Swansea 0: Where are you Robbie Savage?

Some days, it is just about the result. Today and for a while to come, that is what it's about, but seeing the players play the way they did today and against Newcastle last time out, along with the enthusiasm, it just makes it all that much better.

And I think that opening paragraph should say how I feel about today; it was good and we deserved to win. We might not have had the possession Swansea had but when we did have the ball we did so much more with it and we had our chances, quite a lot more than them too.

And we also got to see Benteke and Westwood come on and a great goal from Lowton. I've only seen the goal the once but it came from a corner that was headed out by a Swansea player and he controlled it before shooting and it went in. He looked a little fortunate, in so much the keeper looked to have gone the wrong way, but a goal is a goal and well, that was it.

But the moment of the match for me was Benteke coming on with twenty odd minutes to go and playing a little flick over the keeper to score with a few minutes left. It just made the day, but that isn't it.

We were better. We deserved it. We looked like a team playing for each other and playing the right way.

Man of the match

I've forgot to do this this season, but it is there to the right - go vote. I'm voting for Brad Guzan and I'll tell you why tomorrow or Monday, I know it is a strange choice, but he did make two very good saves today. Now, time for beer.