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Aston Villa 3 Blackburn 1: Next round of the FA Cup here we come

I can't tell you a think about the game other than the result with any certainty. I followed on Twitter and I followed here, on my phone and on my PC and on my mini PC in front of the TV. I probably missed more than I know, so I'm to going to comment on it until tomorrow.

There is also not going to be a man of the match vote as I usually only do that for League matches and we are in the middle of the project to pick he best team, so I don't want to mess around too much with how I have that set up on Footballocracy just at the moment.

FA Cup, here we come and facts from today

What I can tell you is we are in the hat for the next round of the FA Cup and I fancy the manager might start to take it a little more serious than he did today. I'm not saying he wasn't taking it seriously, but he didn't put out his strongest side and we all know the reasons for that.

Let me put it this way, if we get Coventry in the next round you'll likely see the same team start, but if we get Manchester United, you'll probably see a stronger team.

But, because I can't tell you that much about the game, here are some facts about it instead.

  • There was 26,067 at Villa Park today
  • The goals came from Clark, Pires and The Fonz
  • The team that started and finished was Friedel, Clark, Cuellar, Baker (sent off), Walker, Pires (Collins 68), Reo-Coker, Bannan, Gabby (Downing 46), The Fonz (Albrighton 72) and Heskey

I'm off for a pint and some food and I'm going to read my post about Torres again as I think I was drunk when I originally wrote it.

Michael Bradley

News broke during the game that we have agreed a loan deal for Borussia Mönchengladbach midfielder Michael Bradley. From what I understand, this isn't a done deal yet but it is just a case of paperwork. Like I said, from what I understand, I know nothing else yet, but I suspect if ESPN are running with it, it might very well be true.