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Aston Villa 3 Everton 3: A spirited performance and a point is a point, but is it enough?

This is just a post to publish the match result, but the autopsy will come tomorrow and I´d like you to vote for your player of the match to the right.

Bottom line, we needed three points today and despite the very spirited fight back one point really isn´t good enough and we needed three.

Now, the club site will tell us that there is still hope and Martin O´Neill will tell us he hasn´t given up, but well, do you still think it really possible?

But, it was a spirited performance today and well, they showed character that you have to be happy with, but a point really wasn´t enough.

So, please vote, I for one have already voted and I voted for a certain player that did something quite special today, but that is just me, it´s about 90 minutes and you get to decide.

If you have player ratings, you can add them too, they might get used too.

Up the Villa!