Aston Villa beat Boro in first leg, now all eyes to Tuesday

As long as we don't treat the real second half like we treated that second half, I think we'll be okay on Tuesday. Is it okay to say I think in the first we looked in control and in the second, while we didn't have a shot (correct me if I'm wrong), we also looked sort of in control.

But this is one match of three and we had to win today. We won and we have to be happy. But it's only the first half.

It becomes important on Tuesday that we create more chances and we have that bit of luck the manager talks about. Because today, in the second half, while not really riding our luck we wont be able to play like that for 90 minutes next week.

But all that matters from today is the win and we won. Someone like me could easily argue that that was the plan. Score in the first and sit back and soak it all up after the goal. We did what we had to do today and I don't think you'll find an unhappy Aston Villa fan. Oh yes, you'll find one or two.

Until Tuesday.