Aston Villa beat Leicester in a cracking match

This was always going to be a good game and I told you that earlier and we were not disappointed. This was Championship football at it's best and if we could just play like this every week, against other Championship sides .. wait, I shouldn't wish for that. I should wish for a manager that can challenge in the Premier League.

And you know what, the reason why he isn't going to get sacked is because the likes of Lerner and Fox don't actually know what Championship football is. They see effort and determination and think that is enough and that it will come good. But it was a good game, it really was.

We had so much possession in the first half, I think it was 72% and the second was much the same. And granted we didn't have the number of chances we should have had, but we had more in the second and that was what was needed, because we went in at half time one each.

And we won. That is all that matters for now. We can talk about the quality of football and point to us winning because the team we were playing was bottom of the table and they are a proper Championship side, but tonight we should just be happy with the three points and sure, we can look at the quality of the game and the end to end feeling as another pointer to both managers, but it was fun to watch.

Now what we want to watch week in week out, we'd like to tear teams apart when they give us that much possession, but it was an enjoyable match.

I'm going to leave now because I want to enjoy tonight and because we won, I can. But I will leave you with this; don't be fooled by the result or the end to end aspect of the match. You knew this was coming, because of the two sides playing. West Brom and certainly Manchester United will be different. But for now, we're up to 11th, nearly top half.

But before I go and this will be the last paragraph, the goal scorers were Ciaran Clark and Alan Hutton. 27,692 were at Villa Park and Leicester finished with ten men (but only for the last ten minutes). Right, beer time.