Aston Villa bid for José Manuel Jurado, we also want Hleb from Barcelona and win the new shirt by picking a number

First off and we've just had this pointed out to us, but we've apparently made a £7mn. offer for 22 year old Atlético Madrid attacking midfielder, José Manuel Jurado.

Now, there is nothing on the club site, but The Times are running with a story that reports in Spain suggest we've offered £7mn. for him, so if it is good enough for The Times, then it is good enough for me and while I have checked Google Spain, I've not managed to find anything.

You can see some stats from the player and get a little more information from his Wikipedia page. I've just edited it to justify the £7mn. offer, just in case it is true. Just kidding.

Another rumour doing the rounds today, that I've just read on the Guardian site, is that we are after Alexander Hleb from Barcelona. I like Hleb, he had a decent time at Arsenal and probably had his head turned, which you can understand if a club is playing regular Champions League football, but it hasn't worked for him.

It worked for him at Arsenal and if we are to try and replicate how they play next season, I fancy he would be an excellent signing. However, it is just a rumour.

But the main reason of this post is to offer up the new home shirt for season 09/10 and the competition, I think anyway, is quite an interesting one but it does close by the time I make the first post tomorrow morning.

What do you have to do? Well, it's really quite simple, you have to pick a number and whichever number is closest to our actual net spend on players this summer, will win the shirt.

There may be the odd fee that is undisclosed and if that is the case, we're going to pick three values printed by three newspapers and average out what the fee is. So, if we sign Steven Defour but the fee is undisclosed but the three papers that we pick up on say £11mn., £15mn. and £16mn. then the price we will use for the competition will be £14mn. only because it has to be fair.

So, we've already got in £12mn. for the sale of Barry, which I think is going to make the actual net spend quite interesting, but for a chance to win, you have to get your guesses in by tomorrow morning. You have 24 hours, go guess now in the comments below.

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