Deadline day and I have a feeling it's going to go the wire

You could argue, quite easily, that the manager had a very good opportunity to get Aston Villa promoted when he took over. I say argue, because some wont agree, but you can put forward a really good position as to why he had a good chance. Assuming a couple of things that is.

But the modern game is all about bringing in new players at every opportunity. And new players are always good, if they are better than what you're starting with. Some would argue that too much change can be detrimental. But that's another post.

Our owner and manager believe that a complete overhaul is needed and as they're making the decisions it's their choice. And as such, we have to believe it's the right way to go about it. And while I am in the camp that believe fewer changes are best and the continuity plays an important role, I still believe we have enough time and games in this League to finish in the top two.

And I believe we've also brought in enough players. I mean, it's also possible to argue that we've got the best attackers and defenders in this league, with actual statistics and evidence to back it up. It's going to be an interesting season.

More to come

And yesterday, we signed Jonathan Kodjia from Bristol City for a sum that would suggest there is a high level of confidence that he's going to play an important role. And I think there will be more today.

Not because I know anything, but because it appears the owner and manager are on a spending spree. And with that written, this is your deadline day post. Me, I'll be here all day. Any links or rumours or photos from the airport, post them below.