Aston Villa draw with West Ham at Villa Park

At the start of the day West Ham were in the relegation zone but that doesn´t mean I can write that we should have won. It also doesn´t act as excuse for our overall poor performance. So, I won´t say anything.

Instead, I will let you tell me why because I am frightened that if I tell you my opinion that I´ll just get shot down.

What I will say is that for the possession we had in the first half, had we come in one or two up you maybe wouldn´t have been surprised, but our final ball today was poor and not just from open play and not just for the first 45 minutes.

For a team that puts so much emphasis on the wingers, you would hope that the crossing would be better and while you have to assume they do work on these things in training, I have to tell you, I wouldn´t be surprised it they didn´t only because it isn´t getting better.

At the end of the day, the points are shared but had we got all three it would have helped. West Ham are not exactly a team that we should be worried about and this was very much a match we should have won. We just looked, well, that isn´t for me to say.

Please vote for your man of the match to the right and we will do a post-mortem with a nice stats section tomorrow. I am going to have a beer and think about what I really want to say before I say it.