Aston Villa drop points against West Brom but leave the bottom three

We went in two-nil up at half time and for want of a better phrase, we were happy with that, because in the second half, we didn't go looking for a third, we went out to protect what we had.

It was the wrong decision and loads of people on Twitter knew that and when West Brom scored their first in the 49th minute - people were calling out for another goal, because we would need it.

But we still didn't look for it. We still defended what we had and had the odd bit of possession and the odd opportunity or shot but we didn't 'go for it' and that was why we didn't win today.

No more relegation zone

But the point is enough to see us leave the relegation zone after Wigan lost today and even though the win would have taken us further up, we have to take something from this game and that is we're out of the bottom three.

But and here it is, Vlaar was back and we reverted to the back five with three central defenders and if anything, it just goes to show that it doesn't work and also that Vlaar isn't the answer. We need more players.

Vlaar is a good player, don't get me wrong but three central defenders isn't the way forward, although Joe Bennett does look better on the left when asked to go forward, but there is nothing to say he can't go forward from a traditional back four. Although he wont be able to overlap because we don't really play with wide men under this manager.

Gabby and Benteke

A quick note on the first half because Gabby scored a goal and it was well worked. Westwood passed to N'Zogbia, who was later taken off for I don't know why, who played in Gabby to score the second. It was nice to see him score.

The first came from Benteke who made some space outside the box and fired in a shot that the keeper couldn't have seen on time because it was a belter. It was going in the second it left his boot it was that fast.

The first half was very good. We went out there looking for something. The second was like something from last season.

The transfer window

But we are in desperate need of more experience. Everyone in the footballing world knows this and it is getting written about a lot more often these days and dare I say it, the manager need to get a little more confidence in his team.

They came in at half time leading by two and he asked them to go out in the second to defend that. Maybe he should have asked them to go out and do it all again?