Aston Villa finish season in 6th place after sending down Newcastle

Newcastle United are relegated and we finish sixth in the table. Not a bad season even if it promised so much more early on.

There will be a man of the match vote to the right and we will do the post mortem tomorrow but first to the match. It wasn't the best game although we were clearly the better team but Newcastle are really poor and much like Hull, we were going to beat them although they may feel unlucky not to have scored, our goal was certainly lucky.

The players, for both teams, looked fairly disinterested and I fancy they all had an eye on the beach but we've finished in sixth place and it does mean the Europa LDV tournament and you have to fancy we are going to give it a shot this time.

The goal was a shot from Gareth Barry from a long way out that hit Damien Duff to go in. We had a few other shots today but they weren't needed as Newcastle were poor. I think I actually feel sorry for their fans.

More later, with some photo's I think, but for now, the season is over and we have to look ahead. The manager will, or should that be, the manager has to drop 4-4-2 next season and we're going to see lots of activity in the transfer window because we have to, so it should at least be an interesting summer.

Me, I'm off f or a beer, to celebrate my bet coming in and my correct prediction on where we would finish this season.