Aston Villa have imploded, Webcam and Spurs, Koeman interested, Everton tomorrow and Saturday bets

Someone left a comment the other day saying that the club had imploded. Not that the club was imploding or that it might happen, but that it actually had happened. At the time I laughed and even if I think about it now, I still chuckle to myself.

It is the perfect example of what happens when we lose a game; panic. Mad hysteria because we do not have a manager and because we might not finish sixth. Quick run around and get me a brown bag, I think I'm hyperventilating. Maybe it's a heart attack. We've imploded. My life is over.


Top football managers do not grow on trees. Randy Lerner could have probably appointed Bob Bradley, Mickey Mouse, Alan Curbishley or Sven Goran Eriksson within hours of O'Neill walking out, but instead, he hasn't rushed in, thinking the club was about to implode. No. Fools rush in and while Lerner might be a lot of things, he isn't a fool.

So, we are out of the Europa LDV League at the same stage and to the same team that knocked us out last season but we have the same amount of points as we did after two games and we are better off in the league. Does it really matter at this stage of the season? No it doesn't. Did anyone really think we were going to win the Europa LDV League or the Premier League with Martin O'Neill this season? No they didn't.

All that was going to happen with O'Neill was exactly what we had seen for the past four seasons and we were likely going to finish 6th, 7th or 8th - because for all those that say he got us more points each season (oh, if the game was just about the points you got and we didn't have this damned League system), it isn't just about closing the gap in front, it is about how close the teams are behind you too and based on the last three seasons - we were likely to finish below sixth with O'Neill, despite the four point increase from the 2007/08 season to the 2009/10 season.

Aston Villa are not imploding, nor have the club imploded. Aston Villa will be here next week, next year and for many more years to come. Aston Villa is Aston Villa and all that has happened with O'Neill leaving, is that an opportunity has presented itself where the club can do better.

If you want to think the worst, go ahead, think it. I'd quite like to see the positives that could come from this, but I'm just a fool that rushes in.

Spurs preparing bid for Ashley Young

If you believe everything you read then you will believe that Spurs are getting ready to offer a tractor load of cash for Ashley Young and also that Ashley Young would be willing to consider the move.

I don't know what to say about it really. Spurs are playing Chumpians League football (so called because you don't actually have to be a champion to play in the tournament) and we have an owner that has bought and sold players in the past and regardless of what we think we know, he could very well sell the player, if the player indicates he wants to go. Personally, I hope he stays and I think he will.

Ashley Young, August 28th 2010
I'm very determined. You always want to win things and do everything to the best of your ability. I've a lot of hopes and dreams. I'm a winner. Any time I lose, I hate it. I want to play at the highest level, win the big tournaments, win the big trophies - and I still believe we can achieve great things at Villa.

Ronald Koeman throws his hat into the ring

In Holland we have always viewed Villa as an important club with a tradition of being powerful in Europe when I was younger, so I would be very interested in managing them if the job was offered to me. Even though the last two results have been painful blows, I also saw them take West Ham apart 3-0 and I enjoyed the playing style.

One of the things I’d bring to Villa if I was in charge is the idea that winning is important in football, but winning while playing offensive football is the best of all. I love English football because of its brilliant atmosphere, intensity of the competition and the culture of respect that fans and players have for the game.

I have been holding off and turning down offers simply because I want to coach in England and where better than Villa Park?

If you look at his record, it is very good, but if you look at why and specifically what happens to clubs after he has spent a season or two at them, it doesn't inspire confidence.

However, there is an appeal to getting in an unknown and by that, I mean someone unproven in the Premier League and he is certainly saying the right things. But at 47 years old, he has already managed six clubs and pretty much failed to make a real lasting impression, so I don't think any sensible owner and remember, Randy Lerner isn't a fool, would be looking at Koeman. But that is just my opinion.

Everton at Villa Park

We will look more at this game tomorrow but it is an important one and one I think we can win, but one that will be hard. If you were going to have a bet, I reckon you should bet on a draw. Anyway, more tomorrow.

Saturday bets

My bet of the day is Arsenal. The odds are not great, but I fancy they are going to have a good season. I might even had a cheeky half time and full time bet - I quite like those now.