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Aston Villa in talks with Blackburn Rovers over the transfer of Stephen Warnock

The club have confirmed that they are in talks with Blackburn Rovers over signing left back Stephen Warnock.

This will go some way to suggesting that either Nick Shorey is off or Wilfred Bouma isn't coming back and while I don't really have much of an opinion on Warnock as a player, the Liverpool fan I watched the game with on Monday night thought he was a very good player.

Not just him either, as Warnock was awarded the supporters player of the year award by Blackburn fans last season.

Now, we know nothing else at the moment regarding fee and there is nothing on the Blackburn website, so for now, it is probably fair to assume that he will be coming, but will it be in time to play tomorrow night or more likely Sunday.

More as it is released.