Aston Villa lose to Stoke. Yes, you read that right

This is going to be a quick post because I don't have much to say that isn't going to be written below or that I've not written recently.

The thing is and I'm writing this seconds after the final whistle, if the manager hasn't got anything different to say after that performance, don't we have to be worried?

What I mean is, are the players doing what he wants them to do? It appears they are and it's not good enough. And this isn't me saying the manager has to go, it's me saying he has to change what he's doing.

He's making his mistakes but at the moment he's not learning. I'm all for paying a manager to make mistakes as long as he learns. And again, as someone pointed out in the comments of the match post; Lambert decided to bring in seven players in the summer all on £15k to £25k and not one or two of real quality on a lot more. These are his decisions.

He brought in all these players and we're playing now how we played a this stage last season. It has to change and he has to get it working much quicker and if that means the players working five full days a week to get it right, then that is what has to happen.

Hell, if it means them working twelve hour days, seven days a week, then that is what has to happen.

And if it doesn't change soon, then the natives are going to get restless. And when that happens, there is going to be little this manager can do. Because his script is limited and you'll hear that in a few minutes and that is the core of this message; nothing is changing at the moment.

Losing to Stoke is just not on and our goal coming from long ball football and quite a bit of luck, just goes to sum up our day and our season under this manager. It's not good enough. Fix it Lambert.

And this is what he said

I thought we were excellent in the first half. The wind was very strong but even in the second half we had chances. It was a very close game. We thought when we got it 1-1 that we might have gone on. We will go again. I don't think we deserved to lose.