Aston Villa lose to West Brom with a shot on target every half hour

What is there to write after that. How about we get some facts out of the way to begin with? We've now got four points from a possible 18 and according to something on Twitter we've had our worst start in 29 years.

Didn't we have the worst start under Paul Lambert too? He wasn't ready and he never was. I do wonder about Sherwood. It's like he says what the media wants but nothing really changes on the pitch. I didn't think he was the right choice when appointed, but I did say at the time that if we stayed up, he'd be a manager to bring in and give a go. I still think, just, that he needs to have his chance.

But losing to West Brom at home and having half as many shots on target as the opposition just isn't good enough. And for those that didn't know, we had three shots on target. Every 30 minutes we managed to carve out a shot on target. In a space with 11 men, we managed 13 shots in total in 90 minutes.

Factoring in we had 60% possession, that is a shot (not on target) every four minutes or a shot on target every 18 minutes. It's not good enough and that is me trying to make it look good.

There are no excuses

The thing that makes it worse for Sherwood is that there was only three players brought in this summer that started so there wasn't the excuse that the players didn't know what was going on. Sherwood, as a lot of Tottenham fans would have you believe, appears to be not cut out for the Premier League.

Me, I'm of the mind that he should still have a little more time and you know what, I'm only saying that because it is starting to look like there are not three worse sides than us in the Premier League and that is a worry. But, Traoré comes back soon and I really do think he will make a difference.

But only time will tell. Tim, you know what you've got to do and if you don't, take a day off and spend it with people that will tell you what they think without feeling as if they have to pander to you. It's not rocket science and you are in the job; that's the hardest part.

And maybe I didn't write it but we lose 1-0 at home.