League Cup at Luton, two questions and everywhere else

Sheffield Wednesday lost to Division Four side Cambridge in the League Cup last night and tonight we play Luton, a team that finished two places below Cambridge last season. You know what, I think those two places are what took Cambridge to extra time and won them the match.

You wont see what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to point out that there are too many stories going around at the moment preparing us for not getting promoted this season. I understand that change takes time and that it's not going to be a walk in the park, but surely we've got to have higher expectations and it's not as finding ourselves in the Championship is a sudden surprise. A question; are we the new Birmingham City?

We're not, so we should stop acting like them.

I'm also trying to say although you wouldn't have got this from the above, that the League Cup is important. The League Cup is silverware and it's something we should be going all out to win. You can have the FA Cup, that in all honesty is a distraction too far for us, but the League Cup offers a real opportunity.

Now, you might think I'm living in cloud cuckoo land, that we can't win the League Cup with Championship players but anything is possible. Even getting out of the Championship is. And a run in the League Cup would be good for us and our players and it will help.

The match at Luton tonight is very important for a lot of reasons. If you're going, have fun because Luton is a horrible place. My advice would be to spend as little time as possible in Luton or get very drunk before you arrive.

Everywhere else

Right, I'm ending the post here as I've got a deck to finish this morning before waking two kids and getting them active, so bullet points.

  • Talk is cheap, but there is talk that Joe Bennett is leaving us for Sheffield Wednesday.
  • There is more talk that there is serious interest in bringing Gareth Barry back to Villa Park.
  • All the rumours about Ayew - they're coming from Ghana news websites. There is no smoke without fire.
  • Carlos Sanchez has gone to Italy for a season on loan.
  • Tony Xia is doing a question and answer session on Twitter with the club this afternoon. Isn't that what he does every day?
  • This is very cheap talk, but Gabby and Richards are making it hard for the Club to get rid of them. There is even talk that Gabby has said he'll stay to get paid unless he gets paid to leave.

Right, that's is from everywhere else, but I do feel as if I should comment on the Gareth Barry story, mostly because I wasn't his biggest fan and we did make those £50 notes of Gareth Barry. First, him leaving was him leaving for money and that is why the note was made and I don't think even he would complain at that.

We hear stories that there were also personal reasons for him wanting to leave, but I'll say nothing more on that. I will say this though; he'd be good for us now and I think most would love him to come back. But would he be able to do a job in the Championship?

Right, on that. I have to leave. It's getting late in the day and kids need to get out of bed.