Aston Villa make semi-final of League Cup

Aston Villa find themselves in the hat for the semi-final draw of the League Cup, which will be taking place tomorrow night.

If we win the match, which will be played over two games, we will be playing at Wembley on February 28th next year in the final. Yes, you read that correctly; if we win the next round, we will be playing at Wembley and as you know, anything can happen at Wembley.

But, we shouldn't get carried away. United beat Spurs tonight, okay the game isn't over yet, but they are two up at Old Trafford and Arsenal and Chelsea are both probably going to make it into the last four tomorrow night.

We won't be playing bottom of the league again in this tournament and whoever we play next, even if Blackburn and Manchester City win tomorrow and Spurs score three in the last few minutes at Old Trafford, it is going to be a very different prospect.

So, on that, I will leave you for now as this is just a news post to say that we won 4-2, as I didn't watch the match and had to listen, like most, but it is a good result regardless of the team we played.

I'm now looking forward to Saturday and wondering if Heskey, who scored tonight, will start ahead of Carew, who hasn't really looked that interested as of late and I'm also wondering if Downing will start, who also scored, along with Milner and Webcam. There, got the names in before ending the post and before I go, I'm also wondering if it is too late for a cheeky beer, I'll decide on the walk downstairs.

At the end of the dayWinning is a fantastic feeling. I know I probably don't sound that excited above, but all I'm trying to do is keep things in check. If we beat whoever we have next, I'll be over the moon and I promise you they'll be a different tone and if you find yourselves in London on what will be a sunny February Sunday, I'll buy you a beer if you can find me and I can also promise it won't be hard too.