Aston Villa draw and surprise surprise, Gareth Barry is booed

This is just my news post, tomorrow we will have the post-mortem and I will be quite harsh and you are thinking now that I shouldn´t be because we picked up a point but that is my main reason, only a point.

A point is better than none but we could have had three tonight, we really could, but it wasn´t to be and well, what more can I say.

I could ask you to tell me the last time we had five extra minutes at Villa Park but then you might be thinking I´m making a thing about it and I´m not, it is just a question.

We drew tonight and it wasn´t a bad result. Manchester City had most of it and Richard Dunne scored against his old club.

Gareth Barry was booed, we saw the £50 note on TV and he had a poor game. What more can I say, it is a news post, the points were shared. Oh, I could say we saw the £50 on TV, which was pretty nice, but I will stop now.