Aston Villa memorabilia, McGregor statue, Peace Cup live, fantasy football and win a phone

I saw a rumour today that we were going to bid £14mn for Darren Bent and for about a minute I laughed out loud. Not at Darren Bent, as I fancy give him the delivery and he'll score goals and not because well I think we have better, just at the madness of football.

It didn't used to be like this and while you can blame Sky, if it wasn't them, it would have been someone else. It's just madness.

But today isn't about madness. In fact, I suspect today isn't going to be about anything other than football. I can't see players coming in although now I write that, don't be surprised that we hear from the selling team that a bid has been accepted. I also know we have over a month of the transfer window to go and under three weeks until the season starts, I just can't see it happening today, not with so long to go.

Aston Villa Memorabilia

So, to some Aston Villa memorabilia and if you didn't know there is a website here where you can actually go buy some stuff officially accredited gear. If you didn't know I'm a sucker for some of these things, so I'm off in a minute and as long as the wife doesn't find out, I might be ordering a thing or two for the wall in my office, although I don't have much space left.

Basically, Midlands Memorabilia have partnered up with the Aston Villa Former Players Association and as such everything on this site is certified as legit and there are some excellent bits you can pick up.

McGregor Statue

In another bit of spreading news, did you know that the Aston Villa Supporters Trust are raising money to build a statue for William McGregor. In case you didn't know, McGregor was a Director of Aston Villa and the founder of the Football League. He was our man and for a few quid, you can help this statue get finished.

I made my donation yesterday, you can too if you want too by clicking here.

Peace Cup v Atlante

Right, in case you had forgotten, there is the small bit of business around playing football tonight and we are up against Mexican side Atlante, who it appears, are no mugs after they beat Malaga 3-1 the other day.

You can watch the match live again at my favourite place and I am assured that there will be no repeat of the first half cock up offered up at this website this week. I'm told the second half was much better for the last match and that the entire match will be seamless this time. This one is also free.

Fantasy Football

Now for some reminders. We will be closing the league to new teams in two weeks. If you haven't signed up yet, click here for a little more information.

Win a Phone

We are also running this pretty amazing competition to win a phone. We've had a few entrants so far but let me assure you, your chances of winning this are still very good and there is a chance of winning a 40-inch TV or tickets to the World Cup next year in South Africa too. You'll be mad not to enter. Click here for more information.

Right, that is it for now. There is something more from Matt later and you never know, we might be surprised with some news from the club.