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Aston Villa news, some speculation and another line

I'm posting again, not with news of a signing or a player leaving, although we are going to get confirmation on that soon, but because there are a growing amount of headlines referring to the club wanting a 'healthy' Houllier.

I'm not sure why they are getting released, but it really isn't news. We told you a month ago - this is the club preparing the way for not having to keep a manager that could double over on the touchline with a massive heart attack.

It is sad, as he was getting close, but can we leave it now until we get an announcement, much like we moved on from all the Ashley Young speculation.

But saying that, I'm not a mind reader and there is chance that he is here next season but it is about as likely as The Clowns coming straight back up. So if he is here, I just hope this doesn't happen again, that he finally does get fully supported and he is still alive this time next year - if he he and this doesn't happen again, I think we can look to a top six finish, maybe even better, but like the Ashley Young speculation, we must draw a line under the Gerard Houllier speculation until the club tell us what they are doing.

So, some Aston Villa news and predictions

  • Barry Bannan made a 17 minute appearance for Scotland last night. He needs to play more next season.
  • We will find out about the new club sponsor soon or maybe that Acorns are going back on the shirt.
  • Joey Barton will not be signing for Aston Villa.
  • Birmingham City will not be coming back up any time soon.
  • There will be some news, very soon, on players coming and going.
  • Is Daniel Sturridge in talks with Aston Villa?

You can see I was getting desperate there but is Daniel Sturridge in talks? I think there is every chance he could be, but that is only speculation, but I do think Brad Friedel is on his way out, otherwise why not have sign by now?

Right - I'm off for coffee and plan writing. Any news and this page will get updated.


Okay, I've seen more headlines, so I now know where the news is coming from. Whenever news is wanted to be leaked and they don't want it coming from the club - mostly a position - it comes through General PR. So there you go, predictive PR.

Stewart Downing update

Just the other day Stewart Downing was saying some wonderful stuff about the club but today he is staying he isn't committing to the club right now.

Stewart Downing
I know the club are keen for me to extend my contract as I only have two years left on my deal and that my agent had a recent meeting with our chief executive. However, I am 26 and at a major crossroads in my career so I won't be committing to a new deal at the moment.

If you wanted to know why he wasn't committing to a new contract, you should look to a particular sentence from what he said the other day. It was the one that went something along the lines of 'we're going in the right direction and if we get the right players in then I'm happy'.

But if he doesn't sign a contract extension this summer, it will be the Stewart Downing saga next summer and it is going to be horrible.