Aston Villa out of the League Cup but the clowns will win nothing

It was a really good game and with the only attack they had in the second half, they got lucky. Remember that, they got lucky. The first half we had 65% possession and in the second we had the majority too. But, let them have it.

I say let them have it, because it means so much more to them. For us, in this transitional season, we have other things, bigger things, to worry about and we are so far ahead of them that this one match shouldn't be seen as anything other than a lucky win for them, because it was.

Their first goal came from some very sloppy defending that led to a penalty that was converted by their Swedish left sided midfielder. We then scored from open play with some fantastic football that involved Downing, Webcam, Hogg and the goalscorer Gabby.

In the second half it was all us and they pretty much put every man behind the ball and that level of football seemed to work for them because they got a goal with a few minutes to go, but it was all us and we did look much better tonight.

Hogg and Clark were very good in a three man central midfield. Bannan also looked very good, when he played in the middle, but for most of the game the manager had him on the right and we had Webcam, wearing a snood, in the middle and he wasn't as effective.

Bottom line, we lost, but it is still early with the new manager and it did look better tonight. However, it doesn't taste nice, but at the same time, I can tell you right now, the team that beat us tonight are not going on to win anything this season; they are simply not good enough.

Man of the Match

I'm going for Gabby. He scored and was everywhere, but you get to vote too.