Aston Villa properly beaten by Manchester United: Excuses from the village idiot to come

So, we got beaten by Manchester United. How sad is it that we all expected this result from this manager? What I mean is, sure, it is always going to be hard, but we actually expected to get beaten.

We are Aston Villa Football Club and we go into matches expecting to be beaten and that is because of one person and one person only and for that, and only that reason, he should be removed for his job.

But it takes balls to do that and it should have happened a long time ago. He should never have been given the job in the first place, but you can excuse that mistake, just. You can not forgive him keeping his job for so long after it was clear he had to go.

Which is why he will probably be gone as soon as we are mathematically safe. When you make such bad decisions, sometimes, you just have to ride them out but one thing is for sure; this manager does not know how to manage a team to play attacking football or to keep the ball or to look for space and he had some hugely talented players on the pitch today that didn't know what to do when they got the ball and were moving forward.

Tell them, tell them again and tell them you told them

And this is it; it isn't because we lost and I wait for the excuses from the manager and someone popping up to say it was only four-nil. It was that we went into this game knowing we were going to lose and that we were going to have ten men behind the ball for most of the game and look like headless chickens when we had it.

The players and some stats

Aston Villa at Manchester United thanks to BBC