Aston Villa Reserves put 10 past Arsenal Reserves

Yes, that number is correct. The reserves side put ten past Arsenal reserves. They did let one in, which is a little disappointing and I'm sure questions will be asked - it simply isn't good enough, but just for now, I'll let it slide.

What I will mention quickly however is, it wasn't a blended side of regular first team players or senior players, it was all young players coming through. It was a side full of promise and a side clearly full of potential.

The Team

Parish, Herd, Baker, Lowry, Lichaj, Hogg, Osbourne, Gardner, Stieber, Delfouneso, Weimann. Subs: Forrester, Siegrist, Berry, Deeney and De La Cruz Vidal.

Now, Arsenal supporters will say that their side was full of youngsters too and it was, but Arsenal pride themselves on their younger players, but we've known for a while that ours are good, but this good is a bit of a surprise.

I won't tell you too much about the match, as I can't, but I will point you to this website. It has a nice write up, even if from an Arsenal site and you know what, I might even sign up to AVTV just to watch these goals tomorrow.

What I can tell you is Chris Herd and The Fonz both picked up hat-tricks. I can also tell you that Gary Gardner scored the opener from 40 yards and from what I'm told, there is a shandy or two getting drunk tonight.

But like I said, head on over to this website for a decent write up.

The information above, on who has scored and how many and what it looked like, was taken from the Young Guns website. I take no responsibility for the accuracy and suggest you visit the club site for accurate information. They will have a match report up in a few days.