Aston Villa show West Brom what to do when leading a match

Okay, after last night and the Liverpool match can some finally accept that we're not going down and that things are starting to get a little bit better? And if you can, I'll happily agree with you that things still need improving.

There was fight and determination last night but that isn't the issue. We were playing a side below us in the table and we won. But we also conceded three goals, played too many sloppy and long balls.

But it's the win that is important, even if it's just papering over the cracks. Or is it a sign that things are getting better? You can believe either and that's okay for today.

Goals from Weimann, Bacuna, Delph and Benteke also feels good. That's three in three for Benteke and goals seem to be getting spread about a bit. The confidence will help the players and it will give them the belief that they can get more.

And these matches are important to win. You could say it's one of the most important ones for us because it's all we're playing for at the moment. Well, until Everton at the weekend that is.

And after they got spanked by Liverpool the other night, who knows, we might even get something this weekend and then we might be able to start to believe, it's not just the cracks getting papered over.

So, seeing as it's all good, we have a competition today to win a lovely t-shirt from the guys at Art of Football.

Competition time

So all you've got to do to be in with a chance of winning the t-shirt is answer this very simple question; who is depicted scoring in the image of the t-shirt. Click here to see it and leave your answer below.

We'll announce the winner at the weekend, but until then, the plan today should be to find a West Brom fan and smile.