Aston Villa suffer first ever Premier League defeat to West Brom

I tweeted something at half time that West Brom looked up for it more and were the better side in this game. Some disagreed, but I stand by that tweet.

I stand by it and I think the result backs it up, just a bit. We didn't score today - that one goal for us above was an own goal. I'm not sure how many actual shots we had, but it wasn't overwhelming and when I talk about the better team, I talk about the football.

But, all that matters is the result, not that we didn't score. We lost, but we were close to a point, but close doesn't matter in this game.

They scored for us after five minutes, then they scored two more for themselves and that was enough for them. As things stand, we are 13th and six points above the bottom three (this might change as I'm writing this with a few seconds to go), but we need the summer.

I'm off for a few beers and I suggest you do the same and not think about this result or performance too much.

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