At Charlton today, two players confirmed, huge amounts of optimism and Red Bull next

Morning all. And yes, there was no post when we signed Trézéguet because I can't keep up with all of these new players. Oh and Douglas Luiz has officially signed. Things are getting a bit mad aren't they?

And sure, we don't really know if they're all going to be great. We don't know if Jack can make the step up or if McGinn is ready. We don't know if Dean Smith is. But it does feel good and I think they all will and can.

I think that desire and passion is as important as ability and skill and I think we will have those two things in spades. I am feeling optimistic. And it comes down to Dean Smith and the owners. I feel strange writing that. I'm expecting some bumps in the road, but we have a part to play in that and I think we're different now.

It's nice to feel this way. Surely we're all happy too?

But it's only pre-season and we've not been tested. That wont change today either against Charlton, but it might against Red Bull Leipzig.

Anyway, this is a match post and below, you'll find the YouTube video for the match. I'm off to the driving range, but I'll be back for the match later. Have you entered the competition yet?

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