Blackburn Rovers 2 Aston Villa 0: You win some, you lose some

Neither of the Blackburn goals could be blamed on any of the younger players but I am fed up writing about how Stewart Downing is wasted on the right. I might actually make a t-shirt and send it to Gerard Houllier, because he needs to be told. Do you think he is an extra large or just large?

We played Downing on the right because Marc Albrighton didn't play due to sickness and he was missed. You need balance and pace when attacking and the first thing that Downing does, and this is completely natural for a left sided midfielder that only has a left foot, is check his run and slow everything down.

At the same time, Downing put in a few shots today from the right and a few crosses, but a naturally right sided player would have done better. It might not have meant we lost, but we might have scored and well, we might have done better.

But, we lost and it happens. I'm not that fussed because we are going to lose games and we will lose more, but this is the first season with a new manager and the football is actually better than it has been for a while, so I'm taking it in my stride.

This is also a good place to leave this post, because it is just a news post to say we lost, but lets not get carried away with anything because we will lose more and it is only one match with an under strength team.

In fact, it was like playing with ten men for most of the match for some reason, but I just can't put my finger on why.

The beer is calling and I'm going to pretend I'm drinking with Richard Dunne tonight as I fancy he is the one player at the club that could sink a few and it have no effect on him whatsoever and I think he'd be a good drinking buddy.