Sunday rumours, Liverpool tomorrow and the Aston Villa retirement home

Only because I couldn't find a picture of Cisse

I quite like Monday night football, but I have a feeling only on a Monday. What I mean is, it has made this weekend drag on and not having a game does sort of make the weekend pointless. I can plan for summer, but the odd weekend when we don't have a game, isn't fun.

Today is going to be another long day and with Sunderland v West Ham and West Brom v Newcastle the only games kicking off, I fear I might turn to the drink to get through it.

Sunday speculation

But, to get us through the day, we do have some rumours. First up is the name that doesn't seem to want to go away and I wish it would. His name is Djibril Cisse and we all know about him, but what you probably don't know is, his goal to game ratio in the Premier League is only really quite good.

In fact, Gabby has a better goal to game ratio than Cisse in the Premier League and we have Heskey coming back from injury, Carew at the club and Nathan Delfouneso biting at the bit to get a proper chance, so with all due respect, he isn't needed and if we are going to bring any one in, they have to be head and shoulders better than anyone we have at the club and I'm afraid Cisse just isn't.

In other speculation, Mark Hughes is ready to do battle with Gerard Houllier over the signatures of Michael Carrick and Robbie Keane. Now, call me cynical if you want, but haven't I just done this? Unless the players coming in are going to be head and shoulders above the players we already have, we shouldn't be going after them.

Don't get me wrong, Keane is a very good player but he can't get a game at Spurs and he is 30 years old. Yes, six years ago, pay what you have to pay, but when did we become the club that clubs like Spurs try to offload players to? As for Michael Carrick, don't get me wrong, a very decent player, but once again, he has peaked and I really don't think he is any better than what we have. In fact, I'd go so far to say we have better.

We also have the usual Stephen Ireland is going somewhere rumour and if anything, this will just teach the owner that he shouldn't be involved in the buying or selling of players, but he can do no wrong and some still think it probably an inspired signing. However, if it was Doug Ellis that had done it, well, there would have been a lynching.

Aston Villa retirement home

Lastly, as if there wasn't enough speculation surrounding players that want somewhere to retire, the manager has spoken about his desire to bring in Michael Owen.

Gerard Houllier
I would love to bring him here. He would be good for the group and has a joyful attitude to playing.

I know he is the manager, but somebody has to tell him that he can't just throw away money and with all the huge respect in the world, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that Michael Owen will get injured and can not play a full season and when you can only have 25 players in your squad - it is just too much of a risk to put a player that will be 31 years old this month, in it.

Liverpool tomorrow

Right, with all that said, we have Liverpool tomorrow and if you look at the League table, you might think this is a must win game and some will call it that, but it isn't. Not really. We are two wins from 6th place and that is with a game in hand. Tomorrow just continues the transition.

But I hope it will be a good game and I hope we can leave with something. They are missing some key players and while we are also, I just think we might have something extra to take something from Anfield. I'm not saying we are going to, I just think we can.