Biding time, leaving it where it should be left and Blackburn

I really am getting a bit fed up with the speculation. Of the 83 player rumours that surfaced in January, only two rumours turned out to be true and during all this time it was just a nightmare.

But I appreciate why this is done. We like a rumour. We like to believe that we are going to sign someone and if he is foreign and fairly decent, we like to think we have a chance. But it is February, not even a month after the window closed - can the three people that sit there making these rumours up, just give it a break for a few weeks?

I'd rather concentrate on what is real, so that is what I'm doing today as the speculation about who is coming or not and who is leaving or not really should be left until the summer.


We have Blackburn coming up this weekend in what feels like the 10th game in two seasons. In fact it is the ninth and we should know exactly what they are going to do - it isn't difficult and it isn't new, but it is an important game to get three points in.

You see, three points could see us move into the top half of the table - a place where we need to find ourselves fairly soon, if for no other reason than a run of a few good results could see us finishing in a European spot for next season.

Team of our generation

We have one more position to fill for this and that is the right back position. Tomorrow the voting will go up - but make your suggestions below, although I think I have all names covered.

At the end of the day

This is where I leave you. The manager is urging Bannan and Albrighton to bide their time and also talking about Aston Villa aspiring to play like Arsenal. Arsenal look to have found the fight or desire that they seem to have lacked the past few seasons, but only time will tell if that is really the case.

If we could find an extra 5% to play the way they play, we will be a lot closer to where we want to be and if the manager can get an extra percent or two every season - we will see big strides.